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Scott Oots and the SJO team have successfully purchased and assigned hundreds of deals since 2015. We have the expertise to assist with your deal and drive it to completion in partnership with you. 

Use the form below to submit all the deal information. SJO WILL NOT contact the seller until we have a signed JV agreement with you. 


Disposition: You have a contract with the seller signed. You are requesting help finding a buyer/assignee for the property. These deals are split 50/50 as a joint venture deal.

Deal Assistance: You have a lead where you have determined;  the seller wants to sell, you have talked with the seller and they are open to selling at a discount; you have talked numbers and are close but need need help finishing the negotiations. Our team will talk to the seller to help you lock up the seller contract, manage the transaction through to completion and manage the disposition of the contract. These deals are split 70/30.

Lead: You found a house which looks distressed and would like to submit the lead to us. We will pay for the marketing and my team will handle all areas of the deal. With this super of deals you will receive either $500.00 or $1,000.00 which is ultimately determined by the wholesale spread of the deal. Payment will only occur if we are successful at obtaining the seller contract, disposition contract, and the property closes escrow and records making it a successful transaction.

Seller Contract
Will property be delivered vacant?
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