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Scott Oots is a successful entrepreneur owning multiple businesses, with a primary focus in real estate.


Early on, Scott worked for multiple companies performing standard 9-5 duties. After doing this for several years, Scott realized he had little desire to work for someone else, and he often told people he felt he was unemployable. This would soon become Scott’s reality as he was eventually laid off from his 9-5, with no idea of what he was going to do next.


Scott quickly realized that he was destined for more, and his entrepreneurial career began when he decided to dive back into the cell phone industry. Scott soon began purchasing and repairing used cell phones and selling them through Amazon, eBay, and multiple wholesale outlets. In just two years, Scott mastered his craft and quickly turned his start-up business into a cash cow increasing his profit from zero dollars to a net worth of over 4.5 million. 


Although money was being made and Scott was already on the path to achieving financial freedom, he still wasn’t happy. Scott found himself becoming bored in his career and every day more uninterested. He knew that in order to continue on the path of success he would need to find a career that was more fulfilling. This is when Scott’s passion for wholesaling began. After attending some wholesaling conferences and events, in October of 2015, Scott was able to successfully close his first deal within 3 weeks, making a little over $4K. 


With a strong competitive spirit and a desire to be great, he began researching his market and quickly realized that wholesaling was going to be a way to maintain his financial freedom while doing something that he loved. Years later, Scott now owns SJO Investments, one of the most successful real estate wholesaling companies to date based in Southern California. Scott has built a powerhouse team with the knowledge and expertise to run the day to day operations without his required interaction in one of the most competitive real estate markets in the country. His team contracts hundreds of deals per year, aiding in the successful generation of his multi-million dollar empire.


Scott has become one of the countries leading real estate "Dorus". Scott now uses his success and knowledge in the industry to help others start and grow their own businesses from the ground up in hopes of leading them down the same path to financial freedom. Scott often takes the stage at several REI events. Scott also owns a skip tracing business for investors, a real estate cold calling company and a premier real estate mastermind for entrepreneurs. Scott is thankful for his journey and considers it a blessing to be able to help other aspiring entrepreneurs.

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